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This has been a hard post for me to write, which explains why it has taken several days. When you are posting in a public forum like this you have to decide how political or how controversial you wish to be. As it is MY blog it is MY opinion that counts sooooo let’s talk a bit about last week’s tragedy and the effect it has had on us as a nation. Let’s talk about gun control and mental health.

On second thought and out of respect for my blood pressure let’s not talk about those things. Don’t get me wrong, they are important things to discuss, but I just can’t do it anymore. Instead I have a short list of Do’s and Don’ts for you all.

DON’T let what one person did color your opinion of the human race.

DO remember that last Friday old ladies were helped across the street, a layaway angel paid for someone else’s Christmas gifts, a good Samaritan helped someone change a tire. In other words there were all kinds of GOOD people doing GOOD things.

A NYC police officer buys boots for a homeless man

A NYC police officer buys boots for a homeless man

DON’T continue having hateful arguments about gun control and mental health.

DO remember that these issues are important to you the next time you go to vote and make sure that you are voting for someone who stands for the same things you do.


DON’T live in fear of the “bad guys”

DO remember there are lots of “good guys”

DON’T let fear and anger and sadness fill your heart

DO “put a little love in your heart and the world will be a better place, for you, and me…”

Remember you can focus on the hate and the anger and be part of that or you can focus on love and compassion and be part of that but choose wisely because what you focus on is the world you choose to live in.

Love to all of you.