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Today is 12/12/12 and it is supposed to be some kind of magical day. It is the last time the 3 digits of the date will match like this in our lifetime. That is because 2012 is the last year that will coincide with a month for almost 100 years. January first of 2101 will start the cycle all over again with 01/01/01. At the beginning of each century we get 12 of these “magic” dates and that is it. I woke up this morning and started off with my daily routine of laundry, breakfast, school and in the background I could hear the news talking about the “magic day” and how people were getting married and buying lottery tickets and even inducing labor or scheduling a c-section so their baby can have this wonderful birthday. I started feeling a little guilty for not planning anything special for today. Here I am wasting the last magical day of the century folding underwear and chasing dust-bunnies. Then I started thinking about the last 11 magical days and I am pretty sure I wasted those as well. I am a big magic day wasting dummy. But at least I am consistent.

01/01/01  – Where was I? What was I doing? Well I do know that I was about 6 months pregnant with Bug so chances are I spent that magical day in the bathroom hunched over the toilet with dry heaves thinking murderous thoughts about anyone who told me that morning sickness only lasts the first trimester. Sometime between trips to the bathroom I probably found time to feed and dress the 3 year old Professor and put away a few Christmas ornaments. A magical day indeed!

02/02/02 – I spent the day making snacks and preparing to go to a friends house for Superbowl the next day. I also watched a lot of news. We were all still reeling from 9/11 and all of “the firsts” after that horrible day were well covered on the news. The first Christmas, the first New Year’s Eve, the first Superbowl… was it going to be safe? What was security going to be like? Yep a lot of news that day, not much magic.

03/03/03 – According to my journal on this particular magical day I went grocery shopping and sent out Bug’s birthday invitations. Wow. Exciting stuff.

04/04/04 – On this magical day I took Bug in to have his 3 year portaits taken at Wal-mart. I guess there was a huge magic vacuum at Wally World because when those pictures came back there was not a single shot worth buying (big surprise) and Bug’s 3 year portrait is a snapshot from his birthday party. Also I kind of gave up on the birthday portraits after this.

05/05/05 – This day was so special I have nothing written in my journal except “T-ball practice” Even then I was living the dream!

06/06/06 – I guess this was not so much considered a magical day as a day of anticipating the anti-christ to announce himself. I listened to Rush Limbaugh all day waiting for him to out himself and it never happened!

07/07/07 – Yes this was supposed to be a lucky day indeed! Just my luck I forgot to buy a lottery ticket or find a single slot-machine to put a quarter in. So instead of magical I just got a normal, boring day.

08/08/08 – According to the Chinese this was supposed to be an especially fortuitous day to get married but since I was already married I could not take advantage of this and now I am stuck with a totally unlucky wedding date of 9/17/95. Instead I spent this day back-to-school shopping and posting pictures of fat naked men on my sisters’ Myspace pages.

09/09/09 – Yep nothing magical on this day either. We were packing, getting ready to move in a couple of weeks so magic was the last thing on our minds. I do remember the boys and I finding any excuse we could to say the date aloud because we liked how it made us sound like extremely contrary Germans –  Nine! Nine! Nine!!! Funny, but not magical!

10/10/10 – Okay, this day had a little magic because it looks like I found enough time to re-string my guitar. I am sure that I left dishes in the sink and laundry in the dryer to do this, but still way to rock the triple tens!

11/11/11 – This day was supposed to have some powerful magic but it must have run out by the time it got here because this was just another day of housework, momming and it looks like I spent an inordinate amount of time on Facebook rewriting a George Strait song with my sister.

So yes, magic days are not my strong suit. I waste them on all types of non-magical stuff and now it is the last one we will ever have and I have to tell you, I wouldn’t change a thing. I know that everyone of those so-called magical days I got up and got my sorry ass out of bed. I DID something, granted it may not have been life-changing or extravagant, but it was life and I was living it. I know every single one of those days including today I got to say “I love you” to my husband and kids and hear it said to me. And I am pretty darn sure that every single one of those days I laughed because I try to make it a point to laugh every day. Laughter and Love that is my kind of magic and it is all around us. You just have to look!

So happy 12/12/12 to all of you and I hope that your day is full of the best kind of magic!

Magic Moment captured by cousin @  Carmen Phoenix Photography http://www.carmenphoenix.com/

Magic Moment captured by cousin Clara @ Carmen Phoenix Photography http://www.carmenphoenix.com/