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So it looks like this blog might be taking a bit of a hiatus as life is really busy right now! I am getting ready to take my first ever week away from being mom/wife. My sisters, a few friends and I are going on a cruise. Yes we are all taking some much needed girl time before the world ends. YOLO amirite?

I’ve been getting ready to leave, which if you have ever been lucky enough to take a mommycation,  is a whole hell of a lot of work for a mother. Not only am I getting my stuff ready to go I have to prepare the house for my absence. Food must be bought and placed in the fridge with a lengthy list of  instructions on how and when to prepare it. Also reminders have to be posted around the house FEED THE PETS! TAKE A SHOWER! BRUSH YOUR TEETH! THAT DOESN’T BELONG THERE!

On top of that we are homeschooling this year so lesson plans must be made and gone over with their “substitute teacher.” Bug, the 11 year-old has Asperger’s and mama leaving for a week is gonna be especially tough on him so I am writing him letters to read every day and making detailed lists of his routines for Himself to follow so hopefully it will go somewhat smoothly! (haha)

Also the homeschooling thing. Yeah this week is the last week of the quarter so all their work and projects have to be wrapped up and turned in by the end of the week. AND didja all know this is Halloween week? So costumes must be finished and parties and events must be attended and trick or treating must happen! Good Lord! I just want to be on vacation already.

So yes one of the things that is getting put on the back-burner while all this is going on is the blog posts that I really wanted to write. I hope I will have time but if this is the last you hear from me for the next couple of weeks please come back I am sure there will be some awesome Mommycation stories to share with you!