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So as I was getting ready to publish a new post this morning I realized that what this blog really needs is a disclaimer as I tend to drop the F-bomb with some frequency. And not just the F-bomb, I am pretty much queen of the language enhancer, so consider this your warning.

Most people who know me are not at all surprised by my potty mouth, nor are they offended by it. Himself does feel the need to bring it to my attention occasionally by asking me “What ship did you arrive on, Sailor?” Now, I have never spent much time around sailors but as I understand it their speech is notoriously “salty” (which makes sense given the fact they spend a great deal of time at sea which is also notoriously salty) So if like me, you are unaware of exactly how sailors talk and you want to know how much colorful language will be in my blog let’s just say that on a scale from Mother Theresa to Gordon Ramsey, sailors fall somewhere in the middle. I believe that they are right above contractors, but below stand-up comics.

One of the things you will not see me do on this blog is fake curse. You know where people put *%#@ I won’t do that because for all I know the word you put in there might be worse than the one I wanted to use. I also will not type sh*t or f*ck because I believe taking out the vowel does not make it less of a curse word and I’m pretty sure when someone sees the word sh*t their mind says shit not sh-asterisk-t. So in my opinion there is no reason to pretend that I am above cursing by omitting a vowel.

I have heard people say that swearing is a sign of an uneducated mind. I don’t agree. I think the reason people use foul language is because it is not legal to run over stupid people with your car.

The other thing I hear (and I hear this a lot) is how unladylike it is to swear. Well you know what? It used to be considered unladylike to wear pants and drink alcohol so before you get all judgey about my potty mouth go slip into your favorite Levi’s pour yourself a big glass of wine and remember that I am not unladylike…I am fucking progressive!

Sometimes life just needs a good curse word.